Your Reputation Problem Requires a PR Solution

There is nothing more sickening than seeing your good name attacked in public. Your reputation is your most valuable asset. If your name is blemished online you can lose income, standing in your community, even your job. Not to mention the personal pain and humiliation!

As a result of false negative publicity some of our clients have trouble landing a job; others have lost sales for their companies. Many have lost business or marketing opportunities. In this economy, your online profile is essential to anything you want to accomplish.

You Need A Strategy

The best way to assure that your online profile is true and accurate is to take immediate action to assure that positive content is being published for you on an ongoing basis. What you need is a complete online public relations strategy. We can help! We have developed a special online public relations program to protect your reputation. Our program is easy to use, affordable and provides you with an ongoing source of positive content to improve your reputation or promote your business or professional practice.

In the old days of newspapers, magazines and TV, public relations were a tool to gently influence public opinion. In the age of the Internet, public relations can save your reputation.

Why We Charge Only $99 a Month

If you look at what we are offering you will notice that our competitors charge as much as 10 times or more! So why are we able to offer quality reputation services for only $99 per month? The answer is automation! We have been in the online reputation business since 2005 and during that time we developed strategies that we know work. Now we have automated our process so that once you fill out our profile form it launches a software application which:

  • Registers your domain name
  • Sets up your profile website
  • Writes and publishes articles weekly
  • Registers you in top Social Networks
  • Sets up Google Alerts for you

There is some human intervention. Professional editors proofread all copy to assure quality standards and every account is reviewed by our team of PR Analysts.

What To Do Next

For an exact list of what we will do for you each month, please fill out our form.

Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee to do what we say we will do on your behalf or 100% of your money back.

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  • Top Social Network Registratios
  • Professionally Written Articles - Weekly
  • Ongoing Link Building Strategy
  • Article Alerts
  • Reputation Monitor